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John Lennon – His passion lives on

John Lennon – His passion lives on


WICHITA, KS – 12/2/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Achieving Unity and more peace in the world can only be accomplished by changing the attitude of each and every person on a personal level.

Wichita, Kansas: The Founders Of touch of karma wish to honor the memory and passion of John with this message.

John had a passion to see unity and peace between the people of the world. The lyrics to his great song “Imagine” gave us a road map to follow on how we could achieve more unity and peace between us.

John was telling us to put aside all the things that we as people perceive as differences between us. Our race, our gender, our religion and Geographical differences. So we could open our minds and see each other as equals. Each deserving to live a peaceful rewarding life.

People of the world are losing their compassion and respect for each other. We are getting
an attitude of me-ism. We are literally attacking each other on an ever increasing scale. It is
time to put an end to all this and just follow the message John Lennon wrote in the lyrics of
his song .

The world can honor the memory and passion of John Lennon. By coming together and
putting aside all our differences. Making this world a nicer place for each of us.

May the memory and passion of John Lennon stay fresh in our minds and an inspiration to us
all forever.

The founders

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