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Samsung Powered Safe Hoverboards with Safety Certificates now available at cycloneboards.com

Samsung Powered Safe Hoverboards with Safety Certificates now available at cycloneboards.com

Cyclone Boards.com – Better Quality, Better Safety

Anderson, SC. May 25, 2016 — CycloneBoards.com is excited to offer Samsung Powered Hoverboards for sale at affordable prices.  CycloneBoards.com now offers self balancing boards exclusively from KooWheel.  All CycloneBoards.com hoverboards are tested before shipping to ensure our high quality standards. Shoppers interested in a high quality hoverboard that have not exploded or been apart of a fire should buy from CycloneBoards.com and Koowheel for their superior quality and fast customer service.

Hoverboards from CycloneBoards.com feature UL certified chargers, German designed motors, TaoTao control boards, and a certified Samsung battery pack – designed to keep riders safe and give shoppers piece of mind.  CycloneBoards.com also proudly features copies of all applicable safety cerfiticates online.

All of CycloneBoards.com’s hoverboards include a 1 year warranty on the motors & control board.  Starting the warranty process is as easy as answering a few questions and providing video of the problem.  

Hoverboards are the latest in self transportation technologies.  Anyone can ride on of Cyclone Boards self-balancing hoverboards with little training and some practice.  Weighing in at less than 30lbs, hoverboards are easy to operate & carry.  Riders easily can take & ride hoverboards wherever they want – subject to local laws, rules and regulations.  While there are thousands of places you can purchase a hoverboard from – it can be a challenge to find a reliable and reputable store that offers the warranty Cyclone Boards is able to offer.  Everyone enjoys riding a hoverboard, kids, teens, young adults & adults.  Riding is fun, easy, and risk free as long as you follow your local laws.


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