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Scottish Spirits Ltd signs Mexican deal with Licor Zone SA de CV

Scottish Spirits Ltd signs Mexican deal with Licor Zone SA de CV

MEXICO – Jan 06, 2016 – Scottish Spirits Ltd has appointed Licor Zone SA de CV as it exclusive distributor for its Scottish Spirits® Scotch whisky brand.

This agreement will came into effect on January, 1, 2016.

Licor Zone® portfolio includes Williamson 18, Paddington and Imperial Famous Whisky Mexican brands, the Scottish Spirits brand will be its first step in the Scotch whisky category.

Scottish Spirits®  (http://www.scottishspirits.com/) will maintain responsibility for marketing strategy and will also support the Licor Zone® distribution network in the marketplace.

Scottish Spirits®  is the world´s largest Scotch brand it was acquired last year by Cayman Island based Scottish Spirits Ltd for $500 million.

Licor Zone SA de CV (http://licorzone.com.mx/) has 12% volume share of the Mexican liquor market which is some worth $10 billion.

Licor Zone® plans are to open 5,000 liquor stores all over Latin America by 2020.

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