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University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences had been awarded under the category of “Best Global Village Education Award” by NAI, Delhi

University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences had been awarded under the category of “Best Global Village Education Award” by NAI, Delhi

University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences, controlled by BEGC, Govt. of India -to impart teaching to undergraduate, postgraduate, super specialty courses / fellowships and allied branches of medical science i.e. (1) Alternative, (2) Indo Allopath, (3) Complex Homoeo, (4) United Homoeo, (5) Electro Homoeo, (6) Bio-chemic Co-related Homoeo, (7) Bio-pathy, (8) Chemical Method, (9) Paramedical, (10) Chandsi, (11) Bio-Medical;

Bio-Chemic Education Grant Commission, Govt. of India is competent authority for all those courses being covered. UBHS is running “Global Village Health Mission Program” through its study centers across India. 

University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences was established and controlled by Bio-Chemic Education Grant Commission, Govt of India in the year 2015 as a not-for-profit self-financing institution and dedicated to serve the society as a centre of excellence with emphasis on medical education, research and health care. In view of its academic excellence, the Government of India declared University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences as in September, 2015 under Section 21, Rules-159(b), 160(e), 272(i) & 273(a) of the Bio-Chemic Act, 2009-Rules’ 2009. As notified by the BEGC, the nomenclature of the institution has been changed to Central University under Bio-Chemic Education Grant Commission. The Board of Management will focus on establishing this Institution as a “Centre of Excellence” under the leadership of Dr. Shyamal Dutta, CEO, BEGC and also the first Chancellor of the University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences. 

Over last 5 Years, the Bio-Chemic Education Grant Commission has transformed into a full fledged independent Government of India organization with 30+ constituent colleges/faculties and around 100 courses in the health care sciences. Nearly 1000 students are receiving teaching and training within the affiliated colleges across India. 

The University started complying with ISO 9001:2008 /QMS Standard for quality driven Education and Service Delivery and will shortly complete ISO 9001:2008 Certification. 

University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences is located in JP Nagar, in the garden city Bangaluru, a one hour and twenty minute drive from the Bangaluru International Airport. Bangaluru is a busy metropolis situated at Karnataka. Bangaluru is a fast growing industrial, medical and knowledge hub in South India that retains its charm, tradition and culture. It is well connected by road, rail and air to almost any destination in the world. 

Certificate Courses:

Sl No

Name of the program

Department of Paramedical (GVHM)


Certificate in sanitary inspection


Certificate in optometric assistant


Certificate in E.C.G   & P.F.T


Certificate in Community Health service


Certificate in Basic Practical Nursing


Certificate in Optical Techniques


Certificate in Dental Technique


Certificate course in Hospital financial management


Certificate in Hospital Management


Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology

Diploma Courses:

Sl No

Name of the program

Department of Paramedical & Allied Health (GVHM)


Diploma in ECG & PFT Technique


Diploma in Physiotherapy Technique


Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology


Diploma in Dental Hygienic


Diploma in Dental technique


Diploma in X-Ray and Radiology Technique


Diploma in Radiography Technique


Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant (DOA)


Diploma in MRI Technician


Diploma in C.T Technician


Diploma in Dialysis  Technician


Diploma in Pharmacy (Bio)


Diploma in Operation theatre Technology


Diploma in Medical Records Technology


Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM)


Diploma in Clinical Research and Clinical data Management


Diploma in Clinical Research and Pharma Regulatory affairs


Diploma in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance


Diploma in Clinical Research and Bio-Informatics


Diploma in Bio-Analytical Techniques

Department of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences

B.Sc Bio Medical

B.Pharma – Bio

BBA (Hospital Mngt)

Bachelor in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (BASLP)

B.Sc Allied health sciences

B.Sc Emergency and Trauma care technology

B.Sc Optom (Clinical Optometry)

B.Sc Sports & Exercise sciences

B.Sc Clinical Nutrition

B.Sc Perfusion Tech

B.Sc Occupational Therapy

B.Sc Medical Lab Tech

B.Sc Radiography & Imaging Tech

Bsc Nuclear Medicine Technology (BNMT)

B.Sc Radiotherapy

B.Sc Cardiovascular Technology

B.Sc Health Information Administration

B.Pharma – Bio

Medical Courses:

MBBS (Bio)

MBBS (Indo-Allopath)

MBBS (Electro Homoeo)

DMBS (Bio) – (Diploma)*



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