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High Performance Organizations: The High Performance Organizational Training Program conducted by INNOVA Group, Inc.

High Performance Organizations: The High Performance Organizational Training Program conducted by INNOVA Group, Inc.

INNOVA Group Inc. is a top rated organizational development course for executive or senior level managers and business unit directors.
INNOVA Group Inc. is a top rated organizational development course for executive or senior level managers and business unit directors. In the constantly evolving global marketplace, the pursuit of High Performance has become a leadership mantra for corporate executives and management communities. It has emerged as the key performance indicator for defining marketplace relevance.

What is High Performance?

High Performance is the perpetual state of accomplishing quality results while seeking perfection in thought and action. It is constantly learning with others and customers how to add value, achieve satisfaction, and pursue excellence as efficiently and humanly as possible. High Performers embrace the possibilities of the moment (both good and bad) while using lessons learned to maximize potential for all involved. Their focus is not on winning and losing but on maximizing potential for all. For High Performers, winning and losing are situational events while maximizing potential is a continuous journey of learning, exploring possibilities, and growth.

Why is High Performance Important?

The evolution of the global marketplace as a dynamic high risk fluid business environment has made learning the only true competitive advantage a business enterprise can possess. The speed, volume and complexity of constant change has made continuous learning the way businesses compete in the 21st century. New products and services now possess short shelf-life as competitors copy, reengineer, and reinvent them as quickly as they are introduced to customers. Price, availability, and product service uniqueness still count but possessing the capacity to learn with customers faster than the competition now determines marketplace relevancy and longevity. Being productive, reliable, and price competitive are not enough to assure marketplace success. Business enterprises must now be led and managed to embrace risk and facilitate continuous change in customer thoughts and capability.

What Does It Take?

High Performance Organizations are not created or sustained through traditional performance monitoring and control. High Performance Organizations are culturally defined. They require managers who can constantly instill and reinforce the leadership thinking, communications, and behaviors needed to institutionalize self-reliance, self-governance, and continuous improvement as a way of life.

In High Performance Organizations, culture provides the governance infrastructure and energy to embrace marketplace opportunities. Every stakeholder has value and learning is the omnipresent catalyst for creating value and accomplishing results. High Performance leaders/managers provide the vision, values, enthusiasm, process capability, and performance management methodology needed to empower stakeholders to achieve and excel.

Why is it so different?

All business enterprises begin their existence as culturally based organizations. Every stakeholder is engaged in the organization’s survival and growth. Vision and trust unite everyone in a crusade to become marketplace relevant and competitive.

If success occurs, structure (performance authorization relationships) and procedures are introduced. Organizational bureaucracy is built and functional managers selected to use their experiences and expertise to direct and control work activity. Efficiency and customer sensitivity are typically sacrificed for productivity and reliability. This natural evolution is encouraged by investors and marketplace analysts as they embrace structural stability at the expense of stakeholder empowerment and cultural institutionalization.

It is much easier to staff management positions with experts and opinionated personalities than to recruit or create developmental leaders who use learning for power and influence. To create and sustain High Performance Organizations requires leader/managers who inspire and empower others to act ethically, be disciplined customer-driven learners, and use systems thinking to deploy process management in their efforts to define and leverage potential.

To recruit or create this type of leader/manager is not easy. Most High Performance Organizations possess capabilities to develop these leaders/managers in house. High Performance Organizations possess the leadership and management training to guide and direct cultural institutionalization and create the management communities needed to facilitate the pursuit of excellence in operations and results.

Where to begin?

High Performance always begins with an acknowledgement of marketplace challenges and potential. It is the marketplace that provides the competitive rationale for a business enterprise. As a marketplace is understood and embraced, the need for High Performance becomes important and urgent. It is through acknowledging the complex and fluid demands of customers that management communities embrace the need for High Performance and become energized to create and sustain the learning culture needed for success.

Once the need for High Performance becomes apparent, many leaders/managers become willing to involve themselves in the self-examination, introspection, and behavioral improvements required to be leaders of change for the common good. High Performance occurs from the bottom up of an organization but it is created and sustained top down by management communities.

High Performance begins and ends with how managers choose to create and sustain culture and governance. It is a manager’s choice to develop and mature the thinking, communications and behaviors of a High Performance leader/manager. Most managers talk the talk but don’t initiate the personal leadership changes needed to institutionalize self-governance and empower stakeholders to constantly pursue perfection. Those that do, discover potential they never knew existed. Their leadership and management actions create learning organizations that constantly renew their value to customers and remain competitively relevant way beyond their competition.

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