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Dr. Letitia Wright Teaches Authors How to Crowdfund Their Books

Dr. Letitia Wright Teaches Authors How to Crowdfund Their Books

Crowdfunding is not about being broke, it’s about gathering your tribe. Together, everyone can help make your book happen.
Dr. Letitia Wright, America’s Crowdfunding Strategist teaches authors how to raise money for their books and get paid to write through crowdfunding.

As the host of the Wright Place TV Show, Dr. Wright has long wrestled with the question of how to entrepreneurs can get money to start their businesses. How to get a business expansion financed or seed money for a new invention is a question she gets asked every day. When she discovered crowdfunding and how it worked, her goal was to help entreprenuers learn how to use it. Crowdfunding can be the answer to business owners everywhere, as long as they understand how to be successful at it. With most people unable to reach their crowdfunding goals, Dr. Wright knew education was the answer.

“Learning what works from people who have actually done it is important. I see a lot of people talking about crowdfunding but if they have never actually raised money doing it, they can’t teach the little nuaces that make campaigns successful,” says Dr. Wright. She has helped her clients raise over $250,000 and continues to take on private clients. Crowdfunding is fundraising online that allows people to give different amounts of money in exchange for a product. “It’s a great way to see if there is any demand for your product or service before you create it,” says Dr. Wright. Then you are not stuck, trying to sell something that has no buyers.

There are different types of crowdfunding and they work differently. Dr. Wright teaches all of them, however, reward based crowdfunding is most popular with business owners trying to raise money. This year, equity based crowdfunding is the most popular with investors, in the are of real estate. In 2014, over 9 Billion dollars changed hands with crowdfunding. Nations around the world are participating and there are over 500 different websites on which anyone can place their project. “With so many choices, it’s important for people to understand what they are doing and not just throw a campaign up and hope something happens,” says Dr. Wright. “Now, I am focused on writers who want to crowdfund their book. I can show they how to get the money before they even write the book, if they use crowdfunding.” 

Dr. Wright has a free resource guide on how to crowdfund at http://www.getcrowdfundednow com or text Book to 909 906 9797

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