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Business Consulting Firm: INNOVA Group is a Business Consulting Firm Specializing in Management Coaching, Leadership Development, Organization Development, and Project Management Training

Business Consulting Firm: INNOVA Group is a Business Consulting Firm Specializing in Management Coaching, Leadership Development, Organization Development, and Project Management Training

INNOVA Group is a business consulting firm specializing in management coaching, leadership development, organization development, and project management training and certification.
INNOVA Group has existed for over two and a half decades and is located in Raleigh, NC. INNOVA’s staff has provided products and services throughout the globe. The focus of Team INNOVA’s efforts is to support managers in creating and sustaining High Performance Learning Organizations.

In the 21st century, global business enterprises can no longer compete and succeed by simply being reliable, marketplace priced providers of products and services. To be competitive and sustain success in the 21st century, business executives and managers must create and sustain learning organizations that constantly learn with customers and competitors. To stay marketplace relevant, business enterprise management communities must constantly strive to reinvent customer demand and be better, faster, and offer more value than the competition. This ongoing 21st century marketplace challenge is called being a High Performer. A High Performance Learning Organization learns with marketplace participants (customers, regulators, suppliers, internal staff, etc.) to add value, achieve, satisfaction, and pursue excellence faster than the competition.

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INNOVA Group, Inc. was founded in 1986. It is a network of Organization Development professionals providing leadership and management development, project management training and coaching, as well as cultural development and management process consulting. The focus of INNOVA’s products and services is to support managers in creating and nurturing high performing, globally competitive learning organizations that maximize marketplace and human potential.

Team INNOVA’s vision is to support management communities in eliminating the emotional and intellectual harm traditional leadership and governance practices create and sustain. In so doing, INNOVA staff enables business enterprise managers and associates to replace ongoing stakeholder conflicts, risk avoidance, and situational crises response with constant learning communications, process discipline, and self-governing accountable thoughts and action.

Fundamentally, INNOVA is an organization development consulting company. Their client list includes a broad range of organizations and industries. Their programs and services have been delivered throughout the global marketplace. A brief overview of their client list includes: Johnson & Johnson, Pall Corporation (manufacturing), ABB, Mitsui Babcock (construction), IBM and Cisco (software development), EEI and Advanced Energy (electric utility), and US Air Force Medical Logistics Office (military). These examples of INNOVA clients reveal the variety of clients INNOVA has served and are serving.

INNOVA’s Vision: To support management communities in creating and sustaining High Performance Learning Organizations to eliminate the ongoing, harmful effects of traditional governance and leadership communications and behaviors.

INNOVA’s Mission: To provide management communities and associates with the leadership and management development, protect management training and coaching, as well as the organization development continually needed to create and sustain High Performance Learning Organizations.

INNOVA’s Approach: Since INNOVA’s beginnings, Team INNOVA has recognized that one size never fits all. The staff uses value creation and holistic learning inventions to support managers in their efforts to more effectively use organizational leadership and process management in their quest for organizational excellence. Their approach is best described as a six-phase change process used to customize learning interventions to each client’s unique application. The process looks like this:

  • Step 1: Define client’s performance ideal
  • Step 2: Identify performance gaps
  • Step 3: Develop application requirements
  • Step 4: Adapt or create learning interventions
  • Step 5: Implement learning interventions with client
  • Step 6: Affirm results and capture additional potential

Over the last two and a half decades, INNOVA products and services have enabled a variety of clients to:

  • Create and sustain High Performance Learning Organizations.
  • Develop and nurture the governance needed to use learning as a competitive advantage in defining and leveraging marketplace opportunities.
  • Renew and reinforce the continuous pursuit of individual and organizational excellence.

These initiatives have resulted in INNOVA’s clients sustaining their marketplace relevance, increasing business enterprise profitability, and expanding organizational and associate potential for adding value and exploiting marketplace potential. INNOVA clients have:

  • Created, reinforced, or renewed their business enterprise’s competitive advantage
  • Continually sustained or enhanced business enterprise profitability
  • Expanded or maximized shareholder value
  • Enhanced business enterprise potential for attracting investors and talent
  • Expanded business enterprise opportunities for customers, business partners, and suppliers

INNOVA Group is a business consulting firm, in business since 1986, specializing in Business Enterprise Leadership and Governance Improvement, Project/Process Training Certification, and Organization Development.



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