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Visionary Shares Secrets to Seeing the Future

Visionary Shares Secrets to Seeing the Future

With uncertain global conditions and precarious economic climate, many leaders and entrepreneurs want to hit the “Reset Button” but don’t know where to start. When Linda LaFlamme began her 25 years’ journey of entrepreneurship and business and human development, she began to see the limited vision many people have for their lives. She realized the majority of people were operating with limited vision for their own true potential and abilities. This ignited the spark of this book’s idea.

“Our early lives, and very often our entire lives, are based on how we ‘learned to see’. We can expand our vision to create the best and most delicious lives possible when we evolve to the next stage of lives as visionary creators.  With expanded perception, awareness and wisdom, we can enjoy greater happiness and new possibilities,” says LaFlamme. 

In the course of her work, she discovered that people often live inside limiting parameters determined by others, but not necessarily in alignment with their true inner desires. Linda’s mission in writing Eyes of God is to help dynamic visionaries, brilliant creatives, and pioneering entrepreneurs expand their vision and revolutionize their lives. 

Linda offers a new perspective, an avant garde approach to finding your own personal paradise by stepping outside of limited expectations and outdated personal patterns and societal dogma. LaFlamme wants people to realize their true brilliance, untapped creativity and full potential.

Think about the advances of people like Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla, bringing the future here to us now. You, too, can enjoy your best envisioned future right here, right now, in the present.

Linda LaFlamme is an entrepreneur, author, inspirational thought leader, and adventurer. Her interests are focused in leading edge fields and in helping dynamic visionaries, brilliant creatives, innovators and pioneering entrepreneurs develop new thought platforms and patterns.

Highlights of Linda’s career have included founding an automotive consulting company that delivered revolutionary changes in the industry, a wellness and fitness consulting company, and a travel company to sacred sites and adventure destinations. She is also founder of a global wellness association, establishing professional industry standards, a community learning atmosphere, and progressive objectives for professionals in over 50 countries.

Eyes of God will officially launch on January 19, 2015 at: http://EyesofGodBook.com

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