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Oxyhydrogengenerator.com is the leader for Car Oxygen Hydrogen Generator

Oxyhydrogengenerator.com is the leader for Car Oxygen Hydrogen Generator

A vehicle that is used around town in stop and go driving may not see a major increase in mileage. A major benefit of injecting HHO gas into an engine, city or highway is the increase in power and reducing pollution as much as 85%.

On the highway a vehicle Gas or Diesel can save as much as 20% to 50+% by the using of the Car Oxygen Hydrogen Generator. Diesel owners will notice a major reduction of smoke and the smell of unburned fuel. Do you want your engine to run smoother, require less maintenance and last longer?

Today’s automobiles are inefficient and burn less than 60% of the fuel they consume. Hydrogen injected into an engine acts as an octane booster and helps internal combustion engines (gas or diesel) burn +/- 95% of the fuel. By burning cleaner they can remove as much as 85% of the carbon output.

Hydrogen gas can be dangerous! The best system for Hydrogen safety is Hydrogen on Demand. With this method Hydrogen is produced as it is needed, no storage or pressure to worry about.

Until recently, with the increase in gasoline prices HHO gas has not been properly utilized. Hydrogen generator kits were and still are available on the internet. If you are not a mechanic or engineer you may have problems getting a Hydrogen Generator kit to work properly. Both Gasoline and Diesel engines require special adjustments. Work with a company that will assist you, not just tell you to its east to install it and good luck.

The Oxyhydrogengenerator.com team has been dedicated since 1999 to develop and perfect the safest, completely assembled Hydrogen Generators that works seamlessly on Diesel and Gasoline engines. If you or somebody you know is interested in saving fuel, increasing horsepower, reducing pollution while helping their engine last longer, share this article with them, call or contact Oxyhydrogengenerator.com for the latest information.

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