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Indie Music Factory: The New Major

Indie Music Factory: The New Major

Indie Music Factory cancels distribution with INgrooves and launches IMF Distribution, The #1 Source for Video & Music Distribution.

We also provide Synchronization to License your music for Film & TV!

Objective: Artists and labels are our priority, and we’ve paid consistent royalties to copyright owners for the licensed usage of their music. Our goal for both label partners and artists is to connect their music with as many interesting projects and creators as possible, charge a fair price and pay a fair royalty.

Make More Money: With IMF Distribution, your songs are made available for placement with a wide array of sync opportunities, including businesses, websites and applications. Music licensing has the potential to generate new revenue streams for owners of sound recordings and compositions.

Channels: IMF Distribution ensures that your music not only is available for film, TV, video games and commercials, but also is licensable for the unlimited amount of user generated YouTube videos. The demand for independent music in existing and emerging video channels has exploded recently, and it’s increasing every month.

YouTube: Hundreds of millions of people are uploading videos, photos and all sorts of user generated content. We’ll track and monitor when your recordings are being used on YouTube for videos (e.g., online videos, presentations, photo slideshows, etc.) and collect licensing fees and ad placement revenue for those usages. This is called Content Identification (CiD), aka User Generated Content (UCG). No matter who is using your music, we’ll monitor the usage and collect payments on your behalf!

Search ability: IMF Distribution will “tag” all your sound recordings with metadata attributes, including genre, mood, tempo, date added, primary instrument, etc., so that your recordings and songs are easily found by music supervisors, video editors, film houses, agents and brokers around the world.

Experience and Partners: IMF Distribution is proud to be licensing music to some of the most diversified companies and creative business professionals on the planet. The next wave of licensing for social media, ads, film and TV promises to be the most interesting yet.

“IMF Distribution distributes to every qualified retailer, distributor, region and country in the world. New territories are emerging and new digital distribution deals are being secured as we speak” said Business Affairs Manager Knowledge Stevens.

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“You can also experience how our In-Store Media works by simply walking into almost every store or business environment that plays music, videos and other various multimedia are broadcasted within commercial environments to provide a satisfying, inspiring and artistic ambience. For certain retailers, studies show that playing the right music can increase sales up to 50%-and we also provide a complete broadcasting package, including Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, iRadio, Deezer, Google Play and many more!” said Lee Fleshman Operations Manager for IMF Distribution.

Media Contact
Company Name: Indie Music Factory
Contact Person: Knowledge Stevens
Email: Send Email
Phone: 888-729-2751
Address:907 Avenue Street
City: McDonough
State: GA
Country: United States
Website: http://www.indiemusicfactory.com

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