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Factors that people should note in their outdoor lawn wedding ceremony

Factors that people should note in their outdoor lawn wedding ceremony

Jan 12, 2015 – America – Recently, the outdoor lawn wedding ceremony has gradually developed into new favorite, point of those new to be couples especially in the spring and summer season. Then, how to better throw a wedding lawn? Next, the professional editor from famous Evening Dresses 2015 online seller wowodress.com will explain people some attentively points for the lawn wedding ceremony.

The season for outdoor dawn weddings

Seasonal factor could be regarded as the important reason for outdoor weddings. The general holding season for outdoor lawn wedding should be in the annual mid-May to early September because the weather condition in that time will be very stable and harmony.

The location for holding the outdoor wedding

If you new-to-be couples choose the outdoor lawn wedding, the best choice for the holding site should be the place where face to the south directly. Because in the course of the ceremony, the photo shooting is necessary and the south face place has very good light environment. So, each bride needs to be sure to remember this point.

The outdoor wedding ceremony should have stage and background

The stage for outdoor dawn wedding ceremony does not need to have very big areas and enough is OK. On the other hand, the size of the background should be in line with the width of the stage. If brides want to let their background has very good cooperation with the surrounding scenery, they can choose Shaman to decorate their background. On the other hand, the flowers doors and cited road label is also very good choice.

To prepare one set of good sound system

The preparation for the sounding system is also very crucial. The editor from wowodress.com said that Brides should be best to prepare the related sound equipments with large power. The number of the big sounder should be at least four which will be respectively putted on the four corners of the venue inside because the outdoor lawn wedding occasions has such open place and there is no sound transmission block so the small power sound system will not have very good effect.

Please remember that the outdoor lawn wedding ceremony is not just like the normally wedding ceremony in the hall or high end restaurant. If you really want to choose the outdoor wedding ceremony, please carefully read all information above which will help you get very good effect.

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