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Method to decrease the Size of your iCloud Backup

Method to decrease the Size of your iCloud Backup

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Every Apple iCloud account comes with 5GB of free space per used and this storage can be used to backup vital data of an iPhone or iPad. As the data on your device increases it may happen that you exceed this 5GB per iCloud account limit when you want to do backup. Moreover, if you are making back up for more than one iOS device to iCloud the possibility that you will exceed the limit increases.

Once you reach the storage limit a notification will be sent to you saying that your iCloud storage has reached its maximum meaning that you will not be allowed to make additional backups to iCloud.

In case you reach your iCloud storage limit then there are three ways to backup your device:

  • You can turn off the iCloud backup and make backup to your computer using iTunes.
  • Purchase additional iCloud storage.
  • Delete some data to decrease the amount of stored data which will be backed up to iCloud.

Check out whether you use iCloud Backup

If you are uncertain whether your iCloud backup is turned on go to Settings app, choose iCloud and select Storage & Backup.

When the iCloud Backup Slider put to on then your device will be able to perform backup to iCloud. If you want to prevent your device from backing up to iCloud then just put the slider to off. Once you turn off the slider it means that your iCloud Backup will no longer automatically backup your data and if you want to backup your data you will need to connect both your computer and device and perform backup via iTunes. Furthermore, at the top of the window you will be shown the whole iCloud storage capacity and the available amount of storage and at the bottom the date when the last iCloud backup was made will be indicated.

Get the most out of iCloud backup by deleting Unnecessary Data

If you want to see the exact data which is being back up to iCloud then go to the Settings App, choose iCloud and select Storage and Backup and press on Manage Storage.

You will see on the top of the window a complete list of the devices which have backup store in iCloud. If by any chase there is device which you no longer use then you can free up some space by completely removing it from the list. If you want to remove a backup then just select the name of the device on the list of backups and you will be shown a small window which indicates the size of the backup together with the date of the last backup. Also, you will be shown a list of apps which are stored in the iCloud backup. The order of the apps is based on the amount of iCloud storage space they use. The apps which have the highest iCloud storage space usage are listed at the top. But still, the Camera Roll is always listed as first no matter of its size because for the majority of people the Camera Roll usually requires the most iCloud storage space due to the large file sizes of photos and videos.

If you want to prevent an app from making backup to iCloud then just set the slider of the app to off. While doing this your device will also ask you if you are certain whether you want to stop the iCloud backup and remove all the stored app data from iCloud.

By removing the app data from iCloud it does not mean that you will remove this data from your device. This data connected with the app is only deleted from iCloud and if you set the slider to off, in the next iCloud backups this app data will not be included.

To stop an app from backing up to iCloud, simply set the slider for that app to the off position. Upon doing so, your device ask if you really want to stop the iCloud backup and delete all the app data from iCloud.

Deleting the data from iCloud should not remove it from your device. The data associated with that app is deleted from iCloud, and with the slider in the off position, the app data will not be included in future iCloud backups.

So basically you have the option to scroll thru the list of apps and turn off the ones you do not want to be included in the iCloud backup. But remember that if you do not backup data of some app and your device is damaged or lost then you will be unable to recover it. So make sure that the apps which will not be included in the iCloud backup are really unnecessary.

Saving photos and images on your Computer

If by any chance you happen to have a significant amount of storage which is used for the Camera Roll but you do not want to completely stop the back up process of photos to iCloud then you can simply copy the photos from your device to your computer and delete some of them from the device in order to preserve space and reduce the amount of space which is necessary for iCloud Backup.

Extra Storage Options

If you feel overly attached with some of the photos on your device and you need to make Backup to iCloud for you data then you can purchase extra iCloud storage space from Apple. If you are interested about the extra storage plans price then go to Settings app, Select iCloud and Select Storage and Backup, and choose Buy More storage so you can see the prices. This extra storage can be purchased directly from your device.

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