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Fantastic Mouse – Life-Changing Ergonomic Technology

Fantastic Mouse – Life-Changing Ergonomic Technology

Revolutionary Mouse Brings Comfort to Computer Users

Beijing, China – Jan 8, 2015 – After years of research in Human Engineering, Ken Li has worked closely with EwiDesign to develop a new and innovative technology that will change the future of computer mouse. Introducing the Fantastic mouse, a life changing ergonomic mouse with a unique and sleek design that will help the body perform better, feel less fatigue and more energized, and benefit an individual’s body in the long run. In order to get the mouse sold on the market, Fantastic Mouse has launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to help raise capital to finish production and bring this mouse to the world.

Millions of people use the computer daily. Many times people go to the store to get cheap products without thinking of the negative effects using a non-ergonomic mouse has on the body. Utilizing an ergonomic mouse will increase a person’s efficiency in the work environment, less muscle fatigue, increases productivity, and reduces the chances of developing work-related Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that affect the nerves, muscles, and tendons. Common MSDs are carpel tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, and tendinitis.

Everyone should be mindful to avoid leaving their sensitive hands in awkward and harmful positions for too long. This is why Fantastic Mouse has created the solution to this growing problem. They have found the ideal form that is sophisticated yet comfortable for anyone to use for hours. The new mouse can be wired or wireless. It position keeps the palms parallel to the desktop, while allowing the arm, wrist, palms, and fingers to form an effortless one ‘system’ of coordination. This patented design results in better coordination so users have an enjoyable experience. Its incredible design also allows for individuals to change hand positions, so they do not feel uncomfortable being in the same position for too long. This allows for more options to fit anyone’s needs.

The first small batch has been developed and tested. Using the feedback from the first launch, they now have the final product, which means this latest technology is made to benefit anyone who uses the computer. Fantastic Mouse is passionate about bringing affordable health conscious options to people so their bodies stay healthy and strong.

All funds will be used to fine-tune the design to make sure everything is perfect and ready to begin production. They already have a reliable manufacturer, Shenzhen Cargo, to produce the mouse. The campaign goal is $200K and will end on February 20th, 2015. Based on the contribution, backers will receive free Fantastic Mouse with FREE shipping when production is complete. 

To get a free Fantastic Mouse today and help bring a better ergonomic solution in mouse technology, make a contribution today!

Interested in viewing a demo of the mouse? Visit their YouTube Channel.


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Country: China
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