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New Gaming Company is Revolutionizing Philanthropy

New Gaming Company is Revolutionizing Philanthropy

Making the World a Better Place One App at a Time

United Kingdom, UK – Jan 8, 2015 – GreenForce (Wales) Limited, is a new gaming company that puts their social responsibility to help the world as their number one focus. Ray Sherry, the founder, has created a system that incubates innovative and unique gaming apps that have the potential to generate millions in revenue. To develop a prototype for these game concepts and have it ready to sell globally in app stores, GreenForce (Wales) has launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to raise capital and is offering reward points, eventually converted on a like for like basis, to shares of their company in return.

Many times, large corporations only focus on making millions of dollars for their own personal gain. However, this is not the case with GreenForce (Wales). Their company slogan is “Successfully Supporting You”, which means everything they do is for the people. Not just by providing a great game, but by using at least half of the company’s net earnings to give back to the community. It is their goal is to develop at least 10 apps, which there are currently 13 apps in their portfolio, to rank in the Top 50 highest grossing apps to generate millions.

As the company grows, so does society. Never before has there been a company so passionate about fulfilling their social responsibilities to the public. This unique way of giving back supports a cycle of philanthropy that will continue on for years. The amount of lives GreenForce (Wales) can change is surreal, yet it is much needed to make this world a better place.  

It all began with a one thoughtful man, a creative idea, and good intentions to develop this concept. Ray Sherry has been developing and shaping apps for the past 4 years. He has an extensive background in technology, has played senior roles that successfully manage a number of projects, while helping hundreds of people along the way. The contributions from the campaign will be used to develop at least 10 gaming apps to be sold on iOS and Android. The focus is on global markets. With technology today, it is easier to reach millions in a matter of minutes. According to Think Game, the highest grossing app, “Clash of Clans”, generates $1.6 million in revenue a day, and this is only on iOS, this does not include Android users. On this list, every app generates at least over $25K a day! 

If GreenForce (Wales) is able to produce 10 apps that make it on the Top 50 list, this would generate enough revenue to feed the hungry, create better living conditions for third and second world countries, bringing hope to those who did not have a future, provide much needed funding for public education, and the list of things of charitable things to do can go on and on. However, Ray Sherry cannot do it alone. He needs help from the people to get this cycle started!

The campaign goal is to raise £1 million, to develop the apps to sell. Half of the revenue will go towards giving back to the community and the rest will be reinvested in the business. GreenForce (Wales) is dedicating the next 10 years to developing global products that will be distributed around the world to constantly generate a return. They are starting with gaming products first, and plan to expand to other products. The return on these investments will be put into good causes that will help make society a better place.

All backers will receive points of the company. Points are equivalent to shares of £1 each, which will be converted once the campaign goal is met. Investors will receive dividends based on the company’s performance as a thank you for their support. The number of shares available will be limited to 1 million. The campaign ends on February 23, 2015.

Help make this world a better place. The time to be part of this change is now. Make a contribution today!

For information about the campaign and hear founder, Ray Sherry speak, visit their YouTube page.

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