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New Year Brings New Focus on Alcohol and Addiction, Says Chapters Capistrano

New Year Brings New Focus on Alcohol and Addiction, Says Chapters Capistrano

Chapters Capistrano comments on the recent New Year’s holiday, and how it brought a new focus to the topic of heavy drinking.

The start of a new year often carries with it a renewed focus on health and fitness; across the country, individuals make resolutions to eat more nutritiously, to exercise more frequently, and to seek recovery for their addictions. New Year’s Eve, meanwhile, tends to bring with it a focus on revelry, including heavy drinking—but in Southern California, local law enforcement and public safety workers took a proactive approach to curbing this vice, at least for the 2014/2015 holiday. Chapters Capistrano comments on these efforts, in a new statement to the press.

“New Year’s Eve is a night on which many people focus on the pleasures they get from drinking,” comments Mike Shea, founder of the San Clemente drug and alcohol rehab facility. “This year, however, there was a renewed focus on the dire consequences of heavy drinking, and on the necessity of avoiding careless and dangerous decisions.”

Shea points to a couple of local stories in particular. For one, the Huntington Beach Police Department took a unique approach to raising DUI awareness, leading up to New Year’s Eve. According to a Los Angeles Times report, the department decorated some of its sedans to resemble squad cars in the front and taxi cabs in the back. The message: Drinkers must choose between taking a cab home or going to jail. “The rolling billboard, called Choose Your Ride, is for looks only,” says the article. “But it’s spreading an important message in a city where a dwindling number of police officers has coincided with a spike in the number of people dying in alcohol-related traffic accidents.”

Elsewhere in California, AAA offered a special taxi-and-towing service to New Year’s Eve drinkers. Reports the Sacramento Observer, rides were offered to anyone who felt unable to get home safely on their own—even non-AAA members.

“These programs brought important attention to the scourge of drunk driving, but, more broadly, to the health consequences of excess drinking,” Shea remarks. Indeed, the Observer article makes clear that drinking effects both body and mind in a powerful way: “As little as one drink can impair vision, steering, braking, judgment, and reaction time.”

Concludes Shea, “These articles highlight some important public dialogues about the consequences of addiction. It’s not just heavy drinking that harms, though; true addiction remains a problem throughout our communities. Those in its grip can seek compassionate care from a luxury facility like Chapters Capistrano.”


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