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Revolutionizing How First-World Countries Help African Villages in Need

Revolutionizing How First-World Countries Help African Villages in Need

A Solution that Empowers Them to Look After Themselves

Edinaman Village, Ghana – Jan 6, 2015 – EnvironFocus has partnered with Eden-Link and other organizations, to help them build an aquaponics in impoverish villages in Africa, like Edinaman Village, to assist them to become self-sufficient and rely less on the outside world for aid. In order to make this project successful, they have launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to get funding from supporters who want to bring hope to these desperate villagers to know a life that does not involve poverty, hunger, and despair.

Due to the unstable weather climate conditions and poor soil quality from environmental degradation, many villages are living in severe poverty and terrible sanitary conditions. Every day, these people wake up with anguish and despair in their hearts as they starve and thirst for resources that are readily available to us in first-world countries. These people do not have a future. Now EnvironFocus has a plan that will create a strong future for the current generation and future generations.

They have created a system that allows these people to adapt quickly to ever-changing climates so they can have a more sustainable livelihood. The solution is a food production system, aquaponics. Technology combining conventional aquacultures and hydroponics. Aquaculture raises aquatic animals such as fish, snails, or crayfish in tanks, while hydroponics cultivates plants in water in a symbiotic environment. This will provide more stability in producing safe and nutritious food supply that will meet their daily needs. It is also an eco-friendly resolution that reduces waste of natural resources and also promotes innovation, science, and technology.

Although people can help out by donating money to adopt a child or a village, but those are short-term answers to a long-term problem. Investing in an aquaponics system will help these people become self-sustaining and rely less on other countries for help. Not only will this provide food for their community, but it will reduce poverty by creating employment and better income for the growing unemployed youths. They can work in the aquaponic system or sell the resources produced to outside villages. The basic gross margin for 10,000 sq. ft. of land is about $967,000 to $2.2 million, with a net of $194,000 to $1.3 million based on the choices of crops and variables. All of this will lead to growth and development for individuals and the community.

Help change these people’s future by making a contribution today. The campaign goal is $30,000 and will end on February 5, 2015. All the funds will finance Eden-link to create a comprehensive study that will develop an accurate working model. This working model will then be developed in the communities, with the help of village cooperative, Iture and Allied Communities Association, to make sure the communities needs are met and all information and assistance is made available as required. The study will take approximately 1 month. If the campaign goal is not met, the project could take longer to become a reality. For those who support and wish to bring hope to these people’s future, make a contribution today.

In exchange for backers and contributors support, they will receive local paintings, jewelry, and various unique items made by the Edinaman village.

Please share this on Facebook or Twitter. The more awareness brought to the campaign, the faster these poor villages can become whole and self-reliant.


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