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Music That Will Take You On A Spirited Journey

Music That Will Take You On A Spirited Journey

An Album that Serves as a Metaphor for the Unique Experiences of Life

Wenatchee, WA – Jan 1, 2015 – Record producer, Matthew L. Morgan, has compiled his debut album called “Wise ‘Trip’ EP”. The album has 6 to 8 captivating songs that portray the most significant experiences in a person’s life. “Destiny ‘Trip’,” for example, is a song that is a musical depiction of the stages along the entire journey of life, from infancy to the end of a person’s natural life. Now Matt Morgan, also known by his alias “WiseFromWithin,” has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to publish the retail version that will be distributed for the rest of the world to enjoy. 

This album, “Wise ‘Trip’ EP,” will have two versions: the standard and deluxe version. The standard version will come with 6 tracks, while the deluxe version comes with two additional tracks, which include an instrumental-only version of the major song “Ascendancy” and a bonus track of one of Matt’s favorite productions, “Spider Fingers,” performed by Drake Holliday. The album meaningfully describes various aspects of human life through the musical ideas he uses to describe them, which are more emotionally engaging and intuitively relatable to the listener than words alone ever could convey. From beginning to end, each song will take people on a journey that is deeply relevant to the listener, and will connect them on a deeper level with their own life and human life in general.

Matthew is a college student and disabled combat veteran. After becoming disabled, he was inspired to create music that was meaningful and beneficial to society. He created his own independent record label “Wise ‘Trip’ Records.” The label defines itself beyond size and revenue, and embodies music related core values that benefit society and focuses on the welfare of the artists it represents, more than the label itself. He hopes the “Wise ‘Trip’ EP” album will be released by May 1st, 2015 so the world gets a chance to be excited, entranced, enveloped, and soothed by its sounds and ideas.

For the Kickstarter campaign, all funding will go towards getting the album finished and ready to be digitally distributed and sold through iTunes (worldwide), Amazon MP3, Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, and Deezer. If there is extra funding, he will also push to get a few songs played on the radio and upgrade his production equipment. The minimum goal is $750, and needs to be reached by January 31, 2015. 

If the campaign does not receive enough funding, then it could take years before it gets out into the music world. Help bring new, inspirational music to the world by making a contribution today!

To follow Matthew on his journey and find out more about him, view his blog, “An Introspective Journal”.

Listen to the energizing songs from the album “Wise ‘Trip’ EP” on SoundCloud.

Visit the “Wise ‘Trips’ Records” website for more information about the record label.


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Company Name: Wise ‘Trip’ Records
Contact Person: Matthew L. Morgan
Email: Send Email
Phone: 509-387-5463
City: Wenatchee
State: WA
Country: United States
Website: http://wise-trip-records.weebly.com/

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