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IndieGoGo Campaign Needs Support to Change the Lives of Millions

IndieGoGo Campaign Needs Support to Change the Lives of Millions

Bringing Water to Impoverished Villages in Northern Africa

Modena, Italy (Jan 1, 2015) – There are millions of hungry and starving people in Northern Africa who lived in villages that lack something very crucial to life – water. This has prompted Paola Fari from Italy, to launch an IndieGoGo campaign asking for support from the community to help her drill water wells into six communities that desperately need it.

When Paola married her husband, Atef Yahyaoui, they went to visit his homeland out in Northern Africa. There she said appalling sanitary living conditions for many villages. These people lived in poverty stricken areas that lacked fresh water, food, and proper shelter. However, only 100 km away from these villages were flourishing tourist spots that promoted luxury and tourism. It was a dreadful thing to witness. When Paola went back home, she looked around and realized she needed to help these people.

On a modest salary, within three years, she was able to create three artesian wells with fresh drinking water, along with irrigation channels to promote agriculture that will provide much needed food. With one well, a village can increase their quality of life, cultivate fields, raise cattle and other farm animals, and create welfare.

There are currently six villages that severely need water. The cost to drill is around $6,100 and $1,500 to provide photovoltaic solar energy to keep the well running to nourish the plants, which these plants will be used to feed the people. With one person, they were able to create three wells. If everyone contributed as much as they could, these villages would develop into striving communities  with a healthy economy that can help themselves.

The campaign ends on February 10th, 2015 and needs to reach the funding goal of $50,000. These crowdfunding campaigns work as an all-or-nothing, so if Paola does not achieve the goal, then it will take much longer to provide water for these villages. In that time, more children could die from malnourishment and might never see hope for a better future outside of poverty. 

Show support by promoting awareness for this campaign to share how they can make a difference in this world. The more funding received, the more relief Paola can provide for these people living in despair.

Help make a difference today by making a contribution!


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