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MDS Drug Detox Announces Naltrexone Therapy Program

MDS Drug Detox Announces Naltrexone Therapy Program

Board-certified Dr. Arahonov and Dr. George in an MDS Procedure Room
Use of Naltrexone after rapid detox treatment provides physical support for recovering opiate addicts.

Detroit – January 2, 2014 – Providing people with opiate addictions a more effective alternative to typical detox programs, MDS Drug Detox declares its intention to focus on Naltrexone drug therapy to help eliminate cravings and withdrawals. 

Naltrexone is an opioid blocker commonly used to help patients overcome chemical addictions to opiate drugs. MDS Drug Detox doctors note that it can be delivered via an implantable pellet that lasts for about two months or an injection-safe, time-release version that must be administered on a monthly basis. These treatments are appropriate for patients who have gotten past their narcotic dependencies, and they’re generally used in conjunction with ongoing counseling, support group meetings and other therapy.

A representative also pointed out that unlike some rapid detox programs, MDS Naltrexone therapies are conducted by board certified physicians. She continued, “By offering treatment in a comfortable setting and conducting one-on-one monitoring with supervision, we hope to help patients detox in a healthier way without cravings and withdrawals.” 

According to the addiction treatment specialists at MDS, the success of any given rapid detox regimen is dependent on numerous factors. For instance, patients who fail to consume sufficient quantities of fluids, electrolytes and vitamins during their detox may experience more severe withdrawal symptoms or adverse reactions. Similarly, those who try to detox in the same environments where they customarily use drugs often find it too difficult to resist the familiar temptations nearby.

MDS says its rapid detox program is specifically designed to help patients overcome their substance dependencies by eliminating major risk factors. As such, treatments include hotel accommodations for patients and their companions as well as daily physical exams, cardiac assessments and blood work screening. This rapid detoxification method allows the patient to go through the physical withdrawal of narcotics while under sedation, and monitored by a full staff of medical professionals. The rapid opiate detox takes three to four days on average, and the patient can overcome the physical dependence without enduring the pain of withdrawal while under sedation.

MDS Drug Detox provides rapid opiate detox services for patients in from all over the United States and Canada. Aided by a staff of registered nurses, physicians and other medical professionals, their rapid detox surgical facility uses this tested and proven clinical approach to opiate detox.


MDS Drug Detox is located just outside of Detroit in Southfield, MI. They have designed and built their new rapid drug detox center to the highest standards of modern medicine, safety, and confidentiality. It is fully equipped and staffed for the utmost in medical care during the rapid detox treatment, and Dr. Joseph George Dr. Julia Aharonov carefully monitor patients in their surgical facility while detoxing all opiates under sedation to avoid cravings and withdrawals.

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