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Get It Straight Orthodontics in Chicago are proud to be members of the Elite Lingual Orthodontists Study Club

Get It Straight Orthodontics in Chicago are proud to be members of the Elite Lingual Orthodontists Study Club

Chicago, IL Teeth play an important role in the way we look, talk and eat.  A great smile can give you the confidence you need in your personal life or at work.  As a multi-billion dollar industry catering to everyone from the rich and famous to people just like you and me, orthodontics is becoming more and more sought out by both young and old with the arrival of high-quality invisible treatment options such as lingual braces.  Get It Straight Orthodontics is proud to be a member of the Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club, Inc. (ELOS), a team of expert orthodontists with a unique specialization in lingual braces. Their announcement heralds their elite spot in a network of doctors across the country and into Canada.

Get It Straight Orthodontics serves both children and adults with tailored solutions for each patient. According to Dr. Neil Warshawsky, the spokesman and one of the three expert orthodontists at the practice, “Whether your need is looks, comfort, or speed we have an array of solutions including Incognito lingual braces that will deliver healthy, aesthetic results along with comfort and a newfound confidence to smile.” He further adds, “For many adults, the thought of having metal braces discourages them from going for orthodontic treatment. However, treatment today offers a variety of braces that are invisible and comfortable.”

Dr. Neil Warshawsky at Get It Straight Orthodontics in Lakeview is a proud member of the elite lingual specialist group, ELOS.  This member status guarantees patients receive high quality orthodontic care using invisible options like lingual orthodontics no matter how complex their case may be.   

With only 5% of orthodontists utilizing lingual braces and many of those doing only a very small amount of lingual braces, there is a huge deficit in meeting the needs of patients who specifically desire lingual braces. When one seeks out lingual braces, they might be advised that they are not a candidate by an orthodontist who is not a lingual expert.  However, the truth is anyone can be treated with lingual braces by an experienced lingual orthodontist such as these Lakeview Orthodontists.

Get It Straight Orthodontics is located at 3655 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago IL (60613). The practice can be contacted via phone at 773-404-2288 or send them an email at [email protected] Also, visit their website at http://www.getitstraight.com/ for more information on their services. Learn more about lingual braces on the ELOS website at www.mylingualbraces.com.

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