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Real Estate Investor Martin Saenz Inks Publishing Deal to Author First Book: Mortgage Note Investing Made Easier

Real Estate Investor Martin Saenz Inks Publishing Deal to Author First Book: Mortgage Note Investing Made Easier

Powerhouse Publishing adds note investing expert Martin Saenz of 2nd Chance Funding to their stable of business authors. His first book, “Mortgage Note Investing Made Easier,” is slated for publication in late-Spring 2017 in paperback and Kindle formats.
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The residential real estate market is heating up, drawing more and more investors to bid on a shrinking inventory of properties for sale. As a result, the profitable purchase and management – or flipping – of rental properties is becoming much more difficult. But real estate investor Martin Saenz (pronounced “Signs”) has found another way to make a great living in the residential real estate market – without ever purchasing a single property.

For the past several years Martin and his wife Ruth have been investing in distressed mortgage notes – and profiting handsomely. Investors buy “distressed notes” at pennies on the dollar with the goal of helping the note start performing again, leading to a big increase in value on the back end. The Saenz’ have consistently been generating an average ROI (Return On Investment) of over 38% annually. Their success has lead Martin Saenz to begin sharing what he has learned with other investors in online forums and regional investing conferences.

Frank Felker of Powerhouse Publishing first learned of Martin Saenz’ success in mid-2016. “I immediately saw potential in the work that he does and was impressed by how much he knows and how well he teaches it,” says Felker. “I know Martin can help other investors if they treat his upcoming book like a manual, following his systematic approach. I also appreciate his compassion toward the real humans behind each distressed note. I wanted to help bring Martin’s message to a larger audience and felt that a book was the best way to do that.”

Saenz, founder of 2nd Chance Funding, has been active in real estate investing since the mid-2000s and mortgage note investing since 2013. “Over the past four years we have developed the expertise and gathered the resources to connect with the borrower to find out what their situation is,” explains Saenz. “Our goal is to get them back to the table and start performing on their loan again. We have more flexibility than banks to work out terms that are beneficial to the borrowers.”

“You just can’t argue with Martin’s success rate,” states successful note investor, and author of The Art of War for Small Business, Becky Sheetz. “He knows this business inside and out and he’s the best note strategist I’ve met. He is literally writing the manual for operating a successful mortgage note investing business, and anyone with the right mindset can follow it.”

 “I don’t make any ‘pie in the sky’ promises,” says Saenz, “because successful mortgage note investing requires a lot of due diligence. Someone who wants to do this kind of investing has to treat it like a business. I help people lay out an action plan, even before they buy their very first note. Writing this book also allows me to highlight ethical note investing practices. And I like the idea of helping people avoid some of the pitfalls, like showing them how to choose credible note sellers.”

Publication of Mortgage Note Investing Made Easier in paperback and Kindle formats is currently slated for late spring of 2017.

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