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Air of America, an American Gift That Leaves only Surprises Behind

Air of America, an American Gift That Leaves only Surprises Behind

Washington, DC – Visitors to the United States can now return with more than just pictures, memories and cards that fade with time. Gift of America’s patented souvenir, Air of America, is a unique encapsulation of the air of freedom from twelve states that can now be brought back and treasured. The online souvenir shop is famous for its wide range of gifts that do not fail to evoke admiration.

Visitors to the US can now do away with perplexing moments spent deciding what to take home. How about the very fresh and crisp air of the season they breathed during their stay? Air of America was thus born out of this simple idea, to compress air from twelve different states in a 8.4 oz standard aluminium can decorated with colorful American motifs. The only one of its kind air can is a ‘sip of freedom’ that can be kept in the office, at home or gifted to family and friends.

“At first, I didn’t understand, until I received it. Wow, what a cool idea! Everyone asks me, ‘What is that on my desk?’. Thank you, guys,” says a latest buyer of Air of America.

Gift of America has also earned popularity among visitors looking for cool souvenirs from Washington DC and New York. Giftofamerica.com offers thousand of products and one of the biggest assortments of gifts and souvenirs available anywhere today. There are colorful fruit and gourmet baskets, ceramic bear girls, Washington DC magnets, key chains, bronze Statue of Liberty, and more. The website also offers freebies on sales above a specific amount.

“Fell in love with American air? Take it with you! Your satisfaction is our top priority for each and every gift we deliver. We’ll never stop working to provide a remarkable shopping experience to our customers,” says Peter.

The Air of America can is one of the most unique novelties that visitors can bring back from America. Light and easy to pack, this is the quintessential American gift that will never fail to surprise anyone.

To know more, please visit: www.giftofamerica.com

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