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Dr. Cappuccino brings NeoGraft Hair Transplant Services to Maryland

Dr. Cappuccino brings NeoGraft Hair Transplant Services to Maryland

NeoGraft hair transplant services now available in Maryland at Dr. Cappuccino’s clinic – The Maryland Hair Center.

Dr. Cappuccino, a leading board-certified plastic surgeon brings the NeoGraft Hair Transplant to Mount Airy, MD. The NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) System is an advanced and effective hair transplant alternative to the less popular, older strip (FUT) method.

“We are happy to announce that with the addition of Neograft Hair Transplant services, patients with hair loss or thinning can now get the best possible treatment right here in Maryland,” says Dr. Cappuccino. The NeoGraft Hair Transplant service is one of the most advanced and effective hair restoration methods available today. This new service complements an already popular line of hair care and hair loss services on offer at Dr. Cappuccino’s clinic.

Hair loss and hair thinning is a common problem affecting approximately 50 million men and around 30 million women. Traditional strip methods require surgical interventions which mean higher costs, post-operative recovery time and tell-tale scars. NeoGraft Hair Transplant on the other hand is a game-changing technology that promises superior results without any of these drawbacks.

According to Dr. Cappuccino, NeoGraft Hair Transplant works equally well for both men and women, for all hair styles and balding patterns. It results in natural-looking hair, is minimally invasive, and does not cause any discomfort or unsightly linear scars. Best of all, most patients can return to their normal routine very quickly making it really convenient. The other big advantage is the fact that it avoids major incisions and therefore need for general anesthesia. Combined with speedier recovery this makes the complete process far more affordable.

But while the availability of NeoGraft hair transplant in Fredrick is a boon for many, it is important to understand there are very few plastic surgeons in the Maryland region with the skill and experience to carry out NeoGraft hair restoration. The Neo Graft hair transplant procedure works through optimizing the survival rate of delicate hair follicles. The ideal candidates for NeoGraft are those with thinning hair but with enough hair on the back of the scalp to transfer into the balding areas. At Dr. Cappuccino’s clinic, any direct handling of these delicate follicles is eliminated by using advanced tools and technology. The follicles are kept in special containers right through the harvesting process ensuring the best possible success rate and transplant results.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit http://www.drcappuccino.com/hair/neograft

About Dr. Guy Cappuccino:

Dr. Guy Cappuccino is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in a broad range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. The reputed cosmetic surgeon has been serving the Fredrick, Carroll, Howard, and Montgomery County, Maryland areas for 10 years.

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