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Aaron Loke Fights Early Setbacks To Emerge As A Reputed And Friendly Financial Planner

Aaron Loke Fights Early Setbacks To Emerge As A Reputed And Friendly Financial Planner

Aaron Loke reveals how he dealt with personal and professional setbacks to become a successful financial planner.

SINGAPORE – Aaron Loke, the self-made financial planner with a never-say-die attitude, has shared the story of his tough and interesting life. Today, he is a fairly successful financial planner, committed to helping people plan their finances and their future better by using financial products and services that are custom-made for their situation and future goals.

“My decision to become a financial planner was influenced by the agonizing financial situations my family had suffered,” says Aaron Loke. “I wanted people to have adequate financial security and coverage to deal with medical emergencies and not go through the tough times I had gone through. Most people do not understand the importance of health coverage. I provide them financial consultancy with a holistic approach and help them find solutions that can improve cash flow and provide adequate security.”

Aaron’s sister was diagnosed with a skin condition and the cost of treatment was beyond the limited means of his family forcing them to borrow money through loans and donations as the family did not have any health insurance coverage. This incident influenced Aaron’s decision to become a financial planner and consultant. He did not want others to go through the same stressful and humiliating situation that his family had suffered because of lack of funds and insurance coverage.

Aaron started a series of freelance businesses including marketing and fund-raising for projects. Just as his business was getting established, his partner backstabbed and took away everything and he was back to square one. However, he persevered in his effort to become a successful entrepreneur.

It was during these tough times that he penned a book ‘Cruise Your Way To Retirement.’ The core message of the book was that every family and individual must have adequate coverage to protect themselves from the uncertain situations that life springs up from time to time.

Today, Aaron Loke is a financial planner of repute. He advises people on financial management and planning, wealth accumulation and coverage. He stands apart from other financial planners by having a holistic approach to the subject. Aaron Loke has helped many people understand their needs and goals and provides plans to achieve them through a regular and planned cash flow.

Aaron believes in Heart Sell and not Hard Sell. He is a careful listener and understands the needs of his clients thoroughly before providing the right financial advice and solution specific to their unique needs. He taps all the possible resources and avenues to help clients and provides professional quality services of the highest level. Helping clients realize their goals and dreams is what Aaron specializes in and he does it with a deep sense of commitment and understanding.

Aaron Loke wants to create a whole new approach to financial planning. For him, it is not about making money for himself but ensuring that his clients realize their dreams and make the best possible use of their financial resources. He has a friendly connection with all his clients and not the usual client-agent relationship. Aaron’s clients are mainly students and professionals in the 20-35 age group. Clients can contact him through Facebook, email or WhatsApp. His company makes it a point to reply to all SMS messages.

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