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Cycle Party Launches in Miami

Cycle Party Launches in Miami

Cycle Party officially begins operations in Wynwood

MIAMI, FL – 3/6/2017 — Cycle Party, a unique tour operations experience, officially opens its third location in the Wynwood neighborhood. This 15-person party bike is one of the coolest ways to do a tour.

It all started with Cycle Party.  In Germany in 2011, we saw a party of festive people on a very large bike cruising the streets of Freiburg and having a great time. We immediately thought this would be a wonderful fit for South Florida. In January 2012, Chris, Simon, Aileen, and Michael started the business of Cycle Party with this environment-friendly, fun concept. To date we have given over 1,500 tours for over 20,000 happy guests in Fort Lauderdale alone. Cycle Party is becoming one of the great pleasures of South Florida.

Cycle Party has been operating for the last four years out of Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. After enormous success in these two cities, we decided it was time to bring the party bikes to the beautiful and exciting city of Miami. With this expansion comes an entirely new series of tours such as the stunning mural tour and the intoxicating brewery tour. In addition, Cycle Party offers an unbeatable pub crawl, food tour, craft cocktail tour and many more.

Add some laughter, music and a little sweat and you’ve got a cycle party- Chris Haerting

We were a group of 6 with ages ranging from 22 to 49 looking for something fun and different to do in Fort Lauderdale. We found Cycle Party – and it did not disappoint. It was so much fun peddling through the streets with the music going as we went from pub to pub. Everyone needs to do this! So much fun. -KattCAN, TripAdvisor


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