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Never date a catfish again with the new Meetsy app

Never date a catfish again with the new Meetsy app

Meetsy is the latest app that may as well revolutionize the world of online dating as it is here to make the digital dating world ‘more honest’. This new app allows people to upload their real, unedited and un-photoshopped images only so that the users know who they are dating or showing interest into.

The users can upload their images through the in-app camera and live photo only, making the process of dating more honest and truthful. 

Despite the existence of some prominent dating platforms in the market, Meetsy believes that there is quite some room for improvement for making the dating experience better for people. It’s time people start to show their true face to the others which promote honesty right from the beginning of dating.

Since the users can only use the built-in camera of the app to upload their pictures, there is no chance of uploading a fake picture or overly edited picture. The app promotes the idea among the users to be themselves and find people who love to be themselves. 

Other features include:

‘Challenge’ – app users can ask for photos from someone they’re interested in and they’ll only know who the admirer is until the photos are sent or they’ll never know who they have rejected. ‘Supermatch’- enables the users to find their right match with enhanced matching speed and updated information/photos of the user before being friends. The user can simply swipe left or right to add and discover friends.

The app takes care of maximum privacy as it sends a message to the user anytime a screenshot is taken and the photos sent in the chatroom can only be viewed twice. Also, the messages will be purged after 24 hours, making it necessary for the users to respond quickly to show their interest. 

Meetsy is currently under development process and launched a campaign on Kickstarter to seek a funding of HKD $240,000 (USD $30,000)  which will cover the cost of making a multi-platform application and startup cost.

The app is here to make the world of digital dating a better place for singles everywhere and invites people to contribute to the campaign. The backers can choose among the various perks listed on the Kickstarter campaign page and receive different perks too:


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