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Client Contract Services celebrates first anniversary of their establishment

Client Contract Services celebrates first anniversary of their establishment

UK based company ‘Client Contract Services Limited’ is about to complete its first year in business. The company is excited to be upon the eve of celebrating its first anniversary of their successful trading, having acquired and positioned, some of the best Solicitors within the industry encompassing both the UK and Spain. Having been busy investigating and case building for terminations and reclaims to an approximate value exceeding 1.5 million GBP, and growing weekly.

Whilst being process driven and driving forward the ISO 9001 (now in process), the company has Googles’ European winner of the Highest Customer Satisfaction Award in 2016, namely Push handling their online marketing and client generation.

Client Contract Services Limited helps clients in dealing with the process of the reversal of contractual and mis-selling derived injustice.  With the discovery of mis-sell cases increasing through public awareness, the company has a wide range of legal support services encompassing mis-sold mortgages, mis-sold solar installations, PPI, mis-sold caravans, mis-sold vacation products and much more.

The team at Client Contract Services Limited is friendly and professional, with its Assessors having solid industry knowledge, with the ability to guide clients to make the best decision for them. The company has gathered together various companies and law firms across UK and Europe to form a panel, enabling them to act as a management service for the clients, therefore facilitating the best potential support for each individual requirement. Allowing the company to remain unbiased, whilst assisting the client to seek the desired results.

Though the company is thrilled by the good start from hard work within the first year, they do have a long-term plan and continue to refine its key metrics, constantly working towards improvement. The company working with an aim to help clients that feel that they have been cheated, mis-led or mis-sold product(s), as well as those that are facing financial hardship, ill health and other issues that are negatively impacting their life. Based upon individual specifics with regard to their issue, the Assessors can guide the clients upon what measures that can be taken and the necessary action to start the journey to regain control of their life and finances.

With well-trained Assessors, the company has a capable team to cover all topics such as solar energy tariffs, caravan pitch fees/contracts, vacation ownership and fractional ownership points/weeks, explaining things to whatever level or depth is required, thus enabling the understanding to whether someone is a victim of mis-sell and to take the right steps to resolve it. The company is happy to help clients who feel that they are a victim of unfair treatment from forbidden practices, escalating & unjustified costs, in financial difficulties due to unfair treatment or a victim of mis-selling or scams.

More information about the services can be found on their official website.

In case of any queries, drop an email at [email protected]

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