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Elizabetta Launches New Scarves For Spring/Summer

Elizabetta Launches New Scarves For Spring/Summer

CARASSAI, AP, ITALY – 6 Mar, 2017 – With spring quickly approaching, many people are looking to expand their wardrobes and prepare for the new season. Fortunately for them, Elizabetta, an online Italian style boutique that specializes in sourcing high-quality accessories in small quantities, is launching a new range of spring/summer scarves to satisfy demand.

Already the company has updated its website to include some lines of a new collection of Italian scarves it intends to offer. These include an Alessandra-Silk chiffon scarves, confetti-silk oversized wrap scarves in blue and red, as well as Florentin-silk satin scarves. Already there are more than 22 limited edition scarves available for sale on the company’s “Just In” page, and Elizabetta has promised that more scarves will be arriving in the days and weeks ahead, including some items specifically for men.

The reason there is so much buzz around the current launch of new lines comes from the philosophy of the company. Elizabetta isn’t like most large fashion clothing enterprises that order their stock in bulk and sell it to as many customers as possible. Instead, they deliberately limit the number of items they hold in stock, ensuring that their clients get to wear something that is truly unique. With any launch like this, observers of the company are keen to see what new patterns and designs Elizabetta will feature on its exclusive accessories. In some cases, the company has been known to make as few as one or two pieces of a given design.

Another thing to keep in mind with Elizabetta is that everything in the boutique is 100% Italian… the weaving, dyeing, cutting, and the sewing; and for the leather goods, even the cows are Italian! This is actually more rare in the industry than most realize.

The purpose with these new scarves, as well as the rest of the company’s products, is to create accessories that have an air of luxury about them and reflect the fashion sensibilities of Italy, the country that first inspired Elizabetta’s founder to set up shop. All scarves are made in an eco-conscious way, and the company takes great pains not to waste any material, frequently constructing one-of-a-kind scarves and accessories out of end rolls. None of the business’s products are made in sweatshops, like other brands, meaning that Elizabetta offers an ethically sound alternative for conscientious shoppers.

About Elizabetta

Elizabetta was originally conceived of when its founder, Elizabeth Perkins, an interior designer and fashion expert born in New York City and raised in London and Rome, visited Lake Como in 2003. While she was there, she got to indulge herself in quintessential Italian passions, including the passion for sophisticated and fashionable clothing. On her travels she found herself falling in love with the local silk scarves and fabrics, something that the region was historically famous for.

From there, Elizabetta the company was born, named after Elizabeth’s Italian nickname. Even today, Elizabeth still buys silk and designs scarves in Lake Como and sources authentic material, like cashmere and wool, from towns in the surrounding areas.

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Part of the appeal of the business, besides the effort that goes into creating bespoke scarves and accessories, is the business model. When customers deal with Elizabetta, they don’t deal with the company through middlemen or department stores. Instead, they get access to the latest handcrafted fashion items, directly from the company itself. Elizabetta says this means lower prices and better service.

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