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Is Penny Stock Trading the New Pursuit of Happiness?

Is Penny Stock Trading the New Pursuit of Happiness?

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – 3 Mar, 2017 – Penny stock trading website announces upcoming release of stock trading educational tools.

With the market soaring to record highs, penny stock trade website StackedBid.com announced a new plan to develop educational tools for market newcomers interested in learning about trading in light of an increasingly optimistic American business environment. Surging optimism concerning the American economy, as well as greater accessibility to markets created by the Internet in recent years, have sparked interest in learning about the stock market.

The penny stock trading site, which has members in 22 countries, is upgrading its website with an eye toward educating a new generation of market players, creating a series of thorough, easily-digestible lessons aimed at forming the bedrock of market knowledge necessary to pursuing a sustainable career in a field that can still feel intimidating and impenetrably complex, even at a time when markets have grown more accessible due to the rise of online trading. 

Stacked Bid, in an announcement to its members on February 28th, said that the site would be undergoing a overhaul in the coming weeks, adding the educational tools to its current resources, which include a daily newsletter, text alerts, and a chat room where members can converse with 6-10 stock trade veterans. The site will also undergo a cosmetic redesign. 


Stacked Bid teaches players new to the market the techniques of OTC stock trading, providing tips on which penny stocks to watch and which penny stocks to buy, giving members an opportunity earn money while while gaining valuable hands-on experience and knowledge that can be applied to other markets. Since its launch, Stacked Bid has expanded membership across the globe, its popularity with members driven primarily by its chat room and Spotlight Stock picks, a feature that provides quick pro/con analysis of a small number of stocks daily. 

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