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Trophy Skin to Be Featured Special Value on QVC in May 2017

Trophy Skin to Be Featured Special Value on QVC in May 2017

California – Trophy Skin offers professional services displaying a line of products to transform and rejuvenate skin from the comfort of one’s home. These phenomenal skin-care products allow shoppers to discover their best skin, using microdermabrasion, anti-aging, or acne solutions, all at an affordable price. 

Skin care solutions can be discouraging, especially after large amounts of money are being invested in skin-care products, resulting in small skin improvement. The difficulty arises for shoppers when they try to find trustworthy products that work for them, because of the bias companies may have toward their own products. Certain companies ensure their products are the best, while not taking the time to get to know the client, their skin, and their needs.  

Trophy Skin is confident that their clients will love their easy-to-use products, mainly due to the extra step the company takes to get to know them. They offer a free skin care assessment that walks shoppers through a series of questions, introducing us to their unique skin and complexion. Trophy Skin then finds the regimen perfect for their skin, gives them background information about the product or treatment and answers any questions they may have.

To better serve their customers, their website, available at https://trophyskin.com/, offers real life reviews from real life people as well as a complimentary blog. Trophy Skin’s reviews give shoppers the reassurance that if the products have worked wonders for others, they will also work wonders for them. The complimentary blog consists of a variety of topic categories ranging from abrasion, skin exfoliation, skin care for men, and so much more!

“The future of skincare is here. You’ll see and feel the difference immediately,” claims founder Imran Karim. The company gives their users the power to transform their skin right in their hands, offering a reliable treatment method that guarantees they stop wasting money on options that don’t work.

Trophy Skin prides itself in their ability to put the customer first, ensuring customers a beautifully designed product perfect for him or her. Shoppers can enhance their skin from the comfort of their own home, their own schedule, and at an affordable price. Thanks to Trophy Skin, the wait for skin-care products that work, is over. Confident in their work, if shoppers don’t absolutely love their skin care solution, Trophy Skin offers a satisfaction 30-day guarantee.

Trophy Skin is scheduled to be the featured Special Value on the very popular home shopping network QVC, in May of 2017. Be on the lookout for product demos, testimonials, and other examples of how their revolutionary skin care solutions can work for you.

Contact name: Lisa Sodolak

[email protected]

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Company Name: Trophy Skin
Contact Person: Lisa Sodolak
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-546-4664
Country: United States
Website: https://trophyskin.com/


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