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Self-storage services on Growth even in economic crisis

Self-storage services on Growth even in economic crisis

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Self-storage services have long been existential in the Singapore market but recent surge in the market has led to spread of happiness amongst the services providers.

Which is bad news for some people, for others, it is not so much. The financial crisis affects a multitude of markets but ends up stimulating others, such as self-storage. Frightened by rising inflation, falling incomes, rising unemployment, and loss of purchasing power, many Singaporeans need to change their routine to adapt to the new economic scenario and that is where self-storage or self-storage comes in. The system for the lease of self-contained units for storing objects and documents of individuals and companies is a well-developed market in the Asia, where it has grown rapidly since the 1960s and has successfully overcome financial crisis cycles.

In economic uncertainties, situations arise that lead the consumer to look for the storage service. They are sudden and temporary changes, as in the case of the family who moves to a smaller property in order to reduce costs and need a place to store the furniture that was set aside. There is also the case of those who discard the individual apartment and decide to live with the parents to save expenses. In the case of companies, there are those who close the doors temporarily for financial reasons and do not want to dispose of the equipment. To solve these situations, self-storage boxes appear as a quick and also cheaper solution, Since there is a possibility of renting spaces according to need (from 3 m²) and without any bureaucracy.

Storeroom, a reliable put in self-storage services is offering highly discounted storage solutions to the customers from Singapore market. The company started off new into the market, has gained ranks and quick acceptance from the users.

“Our new business growth has been beyond expectations and, therefore, we have invested and launched the first self-storage in Singapore with 24h access; we are also studying the launch of the second unit in Curitiba,” says the executive director of the brand. “Analyzing current market needs, this index represents only 10% of estimated demand,” he says.

For the company and analyzers, the possibilities of growth of the sector are remarkable. “This is confirmed by the fact that domestic and foreign investors plan to expand the system on national territory,” he adds. “One can say that self-storage benefits from the crisis, because while urban and business spaces have their rent or purchase values increased. Thus, as the house size is decreasing, one can easily resort to hiring small self-storage services from professionals.

About the company:

Store Room is trusted self-storage company in Singapore, helping customers store personal, commercial goods safely and securely. We offer tailored local storage solutions and meet the needs of people who want to keep their belongings securely out of their home or office while not in use.

Check out our self-storage sizes and contact us if you need our services.

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