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Bloghunt – The Product Hunt for Blogs

Bloghunt – The Product Hunt for Blogs

SACRAMENTO, CA – 2 Mar, 2017 – With the growing popularity of Product Hunt, as though the whole startup industry is centred around supporting new technology companies alone. You will be more than surprised to find the number of new Blogs that come up regular and what number of such web journals die because of absence of a ecological support system.

Bloghunt is the new Product Hunt for Bloggers. An adaptable platform where bloggers can exhibit their online journals, increase relevant viewership, get more activity, touch off dialogs around their websites, and make a flourishing intelligent group. All things considered, there is no limit to how this current platform’s energy can be leveraged to connect with bloggers and create more feasible income for them. The best part is that Bloghunt is an entire free.

After the successful launch of the Beta version of BlogHunt, the Internet and various blogs can be Hunted easily by visiting the official version of the website. Bloghunt is introduced as the Product Hunt for Blogs for the Internet community. The launch of the official version is considered as one of the biggest discovery and engagement platforms. The website is a well designed online platform where the Blogs can be showcased under respective categories. The visitors of the website can upvote and comment about the content thus it will help new bloggers to gain instant popularity. For example, site visitors can find the most popular travel blogs, or the most popular guest posts blogs.

When asked about how it will work, the founders of Bloghunt replied that “the Bloggers can share their best work i.e. their articles and we will help them to acquire traffic from millions of prospective readers. This will be a great chance to get the attention and a great boost in the Blog’s search engine optimization for the Bloggers”. Bloghunt has made its presence in the online world as one of the best engagement platforms for Blogs. The users of the beta version can boost their SEO & Traffic to their Blog for Free.

The User interface of the website is designed all according to the visitors looking for different blogs from a particular niche. The Blogs are well segregated into different sections and categories. Since its Beta launch on 15th Feb 2017 more than 120 blogs is already published on the website from the 21 categories like Celebrity, Educational Entertainment, Fashion, Financial, Food, Gadgets, Kids & Parenting etc. This platform is already a big hit as the visitor’s count is showing a remarkable growth.

Bloghunt is sponsored by the team behind Retainly that is working towards building a marketing automation platform for Bloggers, SaaS companies, eCommerce, Real estate, Marketing Agencies, and others. Retainly’s core component is to build automation around email marketing, supplemented by SMS, Push, In app and other social distribution channels. Retainly is building the tool to simplify the marketing automation software and that can be readily used to convert leads and retain customers using intelligent marketing communications.

Retainly is working towards making client personas by interfacing a client profile to the wild open web. A Sniffer always bringing applicable enormous information about this profile. Advancing this profile to comprehend their advantage and issues, their propensities and desire. These client personas are not static, but rather, a hyper element, and continue changing or improving each minute it sniffs the web. These personas are to be utilized as a part without bounds to manufacture an AI and Machine Learning based correspondence framework. This email advertising programming will have the capacity to push continuous pertinent substance to the client, making your showcasing interchanges generally significant. This is the thing that we call Hyper Personalisation.

Bloghunt is fast becoming the preferred distribution and syndication platform for bloggers. It has a flourishing group of perusers that Upvote and rank their most loved websites, can take after the bloggers and speak with them without attacking their immediate protection. The business is benchmarking the ubiquity of online journals in view of their rank on Bloghunt. So on the off chance that you are a blogger, or claim a blog, you ought to be a dynamic individual from the Bloghunt Community.

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