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Connect Anytime & Anywhere With Qube: The Revolution In Tents

Connect Anytime & Anywhere With Qube: The Revolution In Tents

Re-Connect With Your Friends In A Qube: The Connectable Quick Pitching Tents

Cambridgeshire, England, UK – 1 Mar, 2017 – M2C Innovation Ltd has announced they will be raising funds on Indiegogo to crowdfund their revolutionary project, Qube Tents. Qube is a connectable quick pitching tent designed with an amazing new approach, making it unique and practical at the same time. The game-changing range of tents allows customers to link tents together, meaning they could build their own bespoke camping set up on the fly. Qube is a quick pitch cube-shaped tent that can be fully set up in under two minutes, and unlike other quick pitching tents, it is as easy to pack away  as it is to set up

I realized, that people loved the idea of connectivity, but that we also had to offer a different product for a different market. So we went back to the drawing board and re-engineered an old design to make it suitable for camping in – Qube was born,” said Jason Thorpe, the company director of M2C Innovation. “With this campaign, we are giving everyone a chance to contribute and participate in this project to make a difference,” he added. The goal of Qube’s campaign on Indiegogo is to raise $25,000. Almost 1 month is left before it is concluded.

Qube tents have many versatile features, and their specifications are unlike any other tent. The tents are fully water resistant with 4000HH rating. In addition, the seams are fully taped, and 300D material is black lined to block out the sun. It is also  fire treated in accordance with CPAI-84 standards, and in addition to its amazing ventilation system, each tent is also equipped with four windows. Alongside four windows, there are four doorways enabling the tent to be connected in any direction. Furthermore, the flexible 11mm diameter fiberglass poles and two storage pockets make it more practical and stronger.

The tents are more pragmatic and advanced than any other competitor in the market today, and unlike most modern tents, Qube is  built to last. The possibility of extending a tent instantly and housing as many people as possible is amazing. The add-ons with each tent including power pack and solar panel along with LED light strip that give it another unique feature to be self-sufficient.

All funds raised through this campaign on Indiegogo will play a major role in the production of these  tents. Production is expected to be completed by June/July.

Potential contributors can find out more about Qube and make their contributions using the following link on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/qube-tents-connectable-quick-pitch-tents#/

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