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An International Start Up Comes To Havana

An International Start Up Comes To Havana

Building bridges, creating opportunities for cultural exchange — that is the goal of a new start up in Havana, Cuba called Classical Havana or in Spanish: Habana Clásica.

Over a million people turned out for the Rolling Stones free concert in Havana in March 2016 signaling that it is time to reach out and create opportunities for understanding and the promotion of good will, peace, and friendship through cultural exchange.

Classical Havana is the brainchild of Cuban pianist Marcos Madrigal and serial classical music entrepreneur Kathy Geisler. The idea for creating a meeting ground for musicians and audiences from around the world in Havana came out of a discussion of what would be the most compelling collaboration they could create that would make a real difference in today’s world.

Madrigal, who makes his home in Rome these days, having spent several years as a student at the world renowned Piano Academy at Lake Como under the tutelage of William Grant Naboré, is Cuban by birth and one of the few Cuban pianists in the international piano scene at the moment. Geisler who has run a successful classical music record label, worked on several projects with the Russian National Orchestra, shepherds the careers of several classical artists and is about to launch another start up called Mozart’s List, loves the challenge of doing something that is positive and world changing.

It was almost like offering the chance to perform on the moon.”
— Kathy Geisler, founder, Classical Havana

We didn’t know if anyone would want to be part of this because it isn’t for everyone. There are challenges and lots of unknowns. But everyone I spoke to was very excited to perform in Cuba and to have the opportunity to work with the students and musicians there,” said Geisler. “The level of enthusiasm was a little unexpected. It was almost like offering the chance to perform on the moon. Most people have not performed there who have otherwise traveled much of the world. It is one of the great cultural destinations where almost no one has visited less performed. I mean, the Rolling Stones were just there less than a year ago for the first time in their 54 years of touring.

Madrigal, who regularly travels to Havana to perform, acts as liaison and artistic director for the project, which is being officially presented by some of the cultural institutions within Cuba. The concerts are being presented by El Gabinete de Patrimonio Musical Esteban Salas and are being presented in conjunction with El Taller Internacional de Patrimonio Histórico-Documental de la Música en Hipanoamérica

See the video and read more: igg.me/at/ch2017

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