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West-Virginians Want Workplace Abuse to Become Illegal

West-Virginians Want Workplace Abuse to Become Illegal

Targets of mean spirited bullies suffer severe health harm. Human Resources most often protects the bully. Unless you are a member of a protected class in certain situations this health harming abuse is perfectly legal.

Bullying is Costly for Employers
The Healthy Workplace Bill Saves Employers $$$$

27% of American workers have direct experience with abuse at work. 72% of employers deny, discount, encourage, rationalize or defend it. See workplacebullyinginstitute.org.

A nationwide grassroots effort to make the abuse illegal for all has been underway since 1997. West Virginia was the 19th state to introduce the bill. It will also be reintroduced this session.

It is named The Healthy and Safe Workplace Act. See ‘theHealthyworkplacebill.org’ West Virginia’s Healthy Workplace Bill State Coordinator, Lana Cooke, says”Workplace Bullying is rampant in West Virginia and we must work together to make it illegal for all”. Sabrina Shrader is also a West Virginia State

To join the effort and become an advocate, email Lana at wvbullyfreeworkplac[email protected] or Sabrina at [email protected] We need everyone to call your local representatives in support of this bill. Advocates that send their email address to us will be updated regularly.

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